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Hassan Rouhani: Iran Will Continue Nuclear Program For Peaceful Purposes

"What we have achieved is not merely a temporary agreement but a prelude to future agreement and engagement," Rouhani said. In Thursday's speech, he said he would push for improved ties with the world as part of his drive to make the Iranian economy one of the top 10 within the next three decades. Iran's economy ranked 22nd in the world in 2012, based on gross domestic product, according to the World Bank. "I view Iran's economy as the most congruent, capable and closest to that of successful emerging economies, and I see Iran's place alongside them in the future," Rouhani said. Tweets from CNN team in Davos He said the country intended to reopen trade and industrial and economic relations with its neighbors -- but that doesn't appear to include Israel. Responding to a question from World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab on whether Iran's approach included all countries, Rouhani said: "All countries that Iran has officially recognized are inside the circle." "East and West, North and South -- there are no exceptions," he said. Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, Iran has viewed Israel as an illegitimate state with no right to exist.

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